Product Presentation

RDMA allows direct access
from the DGX-1 GPUs to
the data

All flash NVMe Drives

Scalability: From 32TB to
360TB per node

5 µs for latency on both
converged and disaggregated

The PNY 3S-2400 is an all-flash NVMe AI optimized Storage Server with very high performance and ultra-low latency. It scales easily and at the same pace as your needs, by adding drives to the server (up to 24 per node). Adding other nodes is seamless and performance will grow linearly. NVIDIA DGX-1 GPUs have direct access to the data on the PNY 3S-2400 as if data was stored within. With the RDMA protocol, the CPU is bypassed, avoiding any bottleneck and maximizing the usage of the GPUs for faster DL training.


Entry Level Solution

  • 32TB (4 x 8TB drives, expandable to 24 drives)
  • 12GB/sec and > 2 million IOPS with only 4 drives
  • Latency < 90uSec
  • 2 x EDR IB / 100Gbe connections

Easy to bundle with a NVIDIA DGX-1

Simply attach the PNY 3S-2400 NVMe Flash Solution direct to NVIDIA DGX-1 using the inbuilt EDR Network Connections

Direct attach : No need of switch

Grow capacity and performance when needed

Scale up

  • Simply add additional NVMe Flash Drives
  • Up to 24 drives in a 2U enclosure
  • 23GBsec performance from a single enclosure (8 or more drives)

Scale out

  • Add enclosers to increase performance and capacity
  • Each enclosure adds 23GBsec performance
  • Simple install
  • Requires a switch



Excelero NVMesh software suite

Easy to monitor and manage with the Excelero NVMesh user interface.

NVMesh is designed to enable customers to maximize NVMe utilization (capacity, performance & endurance) across their infrastructure, while also supporting third party appliances. With the added support for traditional network fabrics and protocols, enabling NVMe over Ethernet, and InfiniBand, customers don’t have to invest in new networking technologies to deploy NVMesh.

Additional Services

3 years warranty

Support by PNY professional team

Advanced disk replacement (optional)

Advanced full system replacement (optional)

Example of Configurations