Firmware Update

In order to make your DUO-LINK OTG Drive for iPhone and iPad compatible with iOS 9, download the firmware update on your computer and follow the below steps.

  1. Download and Extract the compressed zip file.
  2. Run the DUO-LINK Update Tool as Administrator (Right click, run as administrator)
  3. Plug DUO-LINK Drive into any USB Port
  4. Click “Update F/W” when it shows “Ready”
  5. It will show “Update Complete” when done.
  6. Unplug the drive.

Note: It takes around 15-30 seconds to complete the update process. Firmware Update will only work on Windows Computers.
Warning: Do not remove the drive when firmware update is in process.

Download DUO-LINK Update Tool

Download DUO-LINK manual

Disclaimer: PNY does not warrant that the use or operation of this product will be error free, nor does it warrant that any data stored on the product will remain accessible or uncorrupted. To protect against accidental data loss, back up your data frequently on multiple types of storage media.