NVIDIA is the pioneer in accelerated computing, a technology that has been embraced by the world's most demanding users - from researchers to data scientist, designers, graphic designers and gamers.

By adapting their product portfolio to the many industry requirements and ever-increasing demands for 3D power, NVIDIA has transformed its graphics processors into true digital brains for virtual reality, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence.

Today, as Deep Learning is transforming our world like no other computing model, NVIDIA GPUs are driving a new era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and helping computers, drones and autonomous vehicles better analyze, visualize and understand the world around us.

As a preferred distributor of NVIDIA, PNY delivers across EMEAI a portfolio of NVIDIA solutions that help build the Acceleration of Computer calculation. PNY represents a real success story of a company leading the EMEA Graphics, HPC and AI computing market by Providing engineers, researchers and visualization clients with cutting-edge NVIDIA QUADRO, NVIDIA TESLA and NVIDIA DGX solutions.