FAQs - Flash Memory

  • My card is not detected by any of my devices and error messages are displayed
    Format with SD Formatter. Contact tech-sup@pny.eu
  • My SD card is write protected
    Format with SD Formatter or with Windows
  • My SD card is not detected and I need to get access to my data
    Use a data recovery software. You can also check directly with a specialist
  • Why doesn’t my computer recognize the new drives on the desktop after I install the software and plug in the reader?
    Verify all connections are secure. PNY recommends connecting the USB reader directly to the USB port on the computer rather than daisy chained to another device or connecting to a hub
  • Why do I have issues to use my Flash card in my device?
    Due to some differences in formats used on different devices, we recommend to always format the cards on the devices they are meant to be used
  • How can I retrieve pictures from a defective PNY Flash Card?
    A data recovery program is necessary to retrieve pictures from a defective Flash Card