FAQs - Graphics Cards

  • Fans stopped working and overheat.
    As soon as you graphics card get hot, it means your card is defective. Contact directly your reseller or our technical support at tech-sup@pny.eu
  • I can’t install the driver under Windows 10.
    Make sure Windows 10 is updated.
  • My graphics card is noisy.
    If your graphics card makes noises, she may be defective. Contact directly our technical support at tech-sup@pny.eu
  • There is not output on my monitor.
    Try to plug it to another monitor/PC.
  • I can notice artefacts on screen.
    It means the graphics card is defective. Contact directly our technical support at tech-sup@pny.eu
  • What is the operating temperature of my PNY graphics card?
    Our PNY graphics card temperature will depend greatly on the environment that the card is installed into, case fans, and airflow, however any temperature below 105C or 235F is acceptable for any PNY Graphics card to operate normally if it is a 700 series card and below. 900 Series cards and higher including RTX will operate normally up until 95C.
  • I have installed my new PNY GeForce video card into my older PC and my PC is either freezing at the startup screen or not displaying any video. Why?
    Newer computers and modern PC motherboards have implemented new features that modern video cards depend on in order to function therefore some older PC motherboards are not compatible with modern video cards. If you are experiencing this issue, please contact your PC or motherboard manufacturer for assistance, or upgrade your PC or motherboard in order to use the video card.
  • When I install the drive for my NVIDIA graphics card (GeForce/Quadro/Turing GPU’s) in Windows 10 I receive the message that the driver is not compatible with this version of Windows or the driver installation does not complete successfully
    Drivers for GeForce/Quadro/Turing GPU’s will not be installed on systems with Windows 10 RS2 or earlier. To resolve this please update to the latest build of Windows 10. Once this has been done you will be able to install the driver successfully.