FAQs - USB Flash Drives

  • What should I do when it says my Flash-Drive is write protected?
    Use the software Ufix. If the problem persists, please contact our team at tech-sup@pny.eu
  • I can’t open large files
    Format your Flash-Drive with exFat or NTFS
  • Do I need to install a driver?
    No you don’t need to install a driver anymore
  • My Flash-Drive is not detected and I need to get access to my data
    Use a data recovery software. You can also check directly with a specialist
  • I can’t transfer my data with my Duo-Link flash-drive
    Install another application and test the flash-drive with other devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop)
  • Why is the available capacity smaller than the announced density?
    Because the file management system and system files will take some capacity, so the available capacity is smaller than the announced density
  • Can I pull out the USB Flash Disk from the computer when the LED is on or blinking fast?
    No, you should not remove your Attaché while it is being written to or read from. Doing so may cause data to be lost or a blue screen to occur. However it should not harm the USB Drive
  • Why do i have a message telling me my attaché is write protected when I try to copy files on it?
    Please check the position of the write protect switch on your Attaché