PNY VDI Consulting and Support Services (VCS)
for NVIDIA GRID™ Virtualization Deployment

What We Do

We work with you on a consultative basis, guiding you through the necessary processes to ensure your solutions achieve the productivity and performance your customers require. You can engage with us for the entire project delivery or simply for support of one phase of a project based on a consulting day rate.

Free 48 Hour Test

We have cloud-based NVIDIA GRID™ platforms on both Citrix and VMware that can be used to run a Proof of Concept. We have servers in France, UK, the Netherlands and the US that deliver excellent performance to ensure your customers get a great end user experience. We have access to many ISV’s software and we allow your customers to upload their own design data to test the solution with real users for a few days.

Overview of Our Service Level Agreements

Upon studying your virtualization project, our consultants provide feedback on your deployment readiness and potential project challenges. We conduct audit & technology analysis and provide a detailed action plan & an architecture design proposal.
Through our advanced key metrics and tools of system performance measurement, we evaluate and monitor your hardware & software utilization continuously and provide system optimization suggestions and actions based on a performance report.
We have test servers enabled by the Nvidia GRID™ technology and using the latest-generation hardware, ready to be configured based on your use case and accessed across the EMEA regions. You will be accompanied by our consultants throughout the process.
Our services include L1 to L5 levels of proactive technical support. Our consultants work with ISV partners and virtualization engineers to provide response within pre-defined timeframes according to your required Quality of Service.

Included in Our Services

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