PNY Technologies Solutions

PNY Technologies Solutions

Professional Solutions

PNY Technologies Professional Solutions

PNY has a pedigree for providing designers, engineers, researchers and visualisation clients with cutting-edge NVIDIA®, QUADRO® and TESLA™ solutions. PNY understands the needs of its professional graphics clients and is committed to delivering a quality customer service, offering professional technical support and expertise.

The NVIDIA QUADRO based graphics cards from PNY are the most powerful, feature-rich family of high performance cards available to the professional community. Certified for all major CAD/CAM and DCC applications, they deliver unmatched power to maximize productivity.

The NVIDIA TESLA based GPU Computing solutions from PNY are designed from the ground up for high performance computing (HPC) and true virtual hardware acceleration with GPUs (NVIDIA GRID). From GPU modules to fully certified servers, PNY provides the full spectrum of solutions.

In addition PNY proposes a full spectrum of GPU Servers, certified for all HPC, Virtualization and Artificial Intelligence environments.

Solutions for Consumers

PNY Technologies Consumer Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Since 2013, PNY has embraced the borderless network and accommodates the increasingly free and independent use of electronic devices. Thanks to its USB and Micro SDTM card storage solutions, PNY offers a wide range of certified solutions for Apple® and AndroidTM, enabling the charging and connecting of mobile devices to a variety of the latest devices, tablets and smartphones.

Photo & video Solutions

PNY excels at every stage of the photographer’s journey, from capturing, transferring, storing and editing images and videos. Its solutions are used everyday by PNY’s PHOTO AMBASSADOR TEAM, a community of professional and amateur photographers from all over Europe. The Elite Performance SDTM and Micro SDTM cards are perfect for capturing HD or 4K video and are ideally suited to the needs of professional photographers using DSLRs or High performance Action Cams.

Power Solutions

Designed to provide phone users power on the move wherever and whenever they need it. PNY offers a complete range of portable and rechargeable batteries and other power accessories, covering multiple charging capacities and featuring innovative designs. PNY power solutions are compatible with the latest Apple® and AndroidTM tablets, smartphones and action cameras.

Gaming Solutions

PNY is a leading manufacturer of graphics and gaming hardware, and is the only manufacturer to offer solutions for both desktop and laptop computer upgrades. PNY’s range of graphics cards, memory modules, SSDs and accessories cater to every upgrade needed for multimedia, gaming or work.

PNY Gaming Solutions