See your designs as quickly as you envision them

The NVIDIA® Iray® renderer used in Autodesk 3ds Max® gives 3D artists an intuitive way to create images that rival photographs—in a fraction of the time of traditional workflows. Now, you can use materials and lights that correspond and react like those in the physical world to quickly bring your visions to life, rather than juggling a variety of computer graphics controls to merely approximate it. Immediately experience edits as you adjust and perfect your camera, lighting, materials, and geometry with the ActiveShade nteractive rendering window in 3ds Max. The Iray renderer takes full advantage of your graphics cards and delivers scalable performance, so the more GPUs you have, the faster your renders will be. Fueled by NVIDIA’s most powerful GPU architecture ever, this solution lets you render more than 8x using NVIDIA Multi-GPU Technology while still working in all your other apps. This helps reduce, or even in some cases eliminate, creation of expensive and time-consuming physical prototypes and photo shoots.

Quickly create stunning photorealistic renderings using 3ds Max and NVIDIA GPUs.
Image courtesy of Jeff Patton

With Iray designers can interactively see photorealistic representations of their designs.



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