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  • Servers with NVIDIA Quadro RTX – New Possibilities for the Data Center

    Posted by PNY Pro on Fri, Mar 13, 2020

    NVIDIA® has certified and supports deployment of select Quadro® RTX products in the data center for use cases ranging from production rendering to vGPU (virtual GPU) or AI and big data analytics.  Suitable NVIDIA products include the Quadro RTX 8000 and the Quadro RTX 6000 (active or passively cooled).  Server enclosures for actively cooled boards are readily available, but the new passive products are compatible with a wider array of systems.  The availability of NVIDIA Quadro RTX products for server deployment opens up new possibilities for the data center.

    Designers, artists and data scientists across industries need to produce high-quality content or actionable business insights from massive datasets faster than ever.  CPUs are designed for general purpose computing, but NVIDIA RTX technology brings CUDA Cores for massive parallelism, RT Cores dedicated to ray tracing, and Tensor Cores to accelerate the matrix multiply and accumulate instructions required by AI and associated disciplines.  NVIDIA Quadro RTX for servers shatters the status quo of massive, power hungry, and costly CPU-based solutions and lets you move validated workloads from the desktop to the data center.

    Here are some of the solutions Servers with NVIDIA Quadro RTX offer:

    Offline Rendering: Render final frames and produce photorealistic images faster than ever before with the power of GPU acceleration.  Designers and artists can render jobs offline and produce final ray traced images at a fraction of the time traditional CPU-based render nodes require.

    Accelerated Desktop Rendering: As designers and artists create richer content, they require greater rendering capacity from their desktop.  Boost local workstation performance by sending desktop rendering tasks to servers featuring NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs.

    Powerful Virtual Workstations: Increase productivity, improve data center utilization, and reduce IT costs by bringing the power of the NVIDIA Quadro RTX platform to a virtualized environment.  Servers with RTX and Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation (Quadro vDWS) software can tackle the most demanding analytics and computational tasks.  AI and big data analytics are enabled, and confidential IP protected, by this approach.

    Scalable Visualization Systems: Drive dynamic, large-scale visualization with NVIDIA Quadro RTX in servers configured for scalable visualization, which allows the deployment and management of large-display environments from the data center.  From theme park attractions to virtual CAVE environments, servers with NVIDIA Quadro RTX deliver the most engaging and immersive visual experiences ever.

    Want to learn more?  

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