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PNY Technologies, Inc.

Established in 1985, PNY Technologies, Inc. delivers a full spectrum of high-quality products for everything in and around the computer and mobile devices. PNY is a leading manufacturer and supplier of computer graphics accelerator cards for consumers and professional graphics boards for professionals, memory upgrade modules, Flash Media, Flash peripherals and batteries. PNY products are used by a number of Fortune 500 OEM customers for applications that range from high-end computing and Internet/telecommunications infrastructure equipment to desktop, notebook and network servers. The company's retail product line includes products used in a growing number of consumer electronics devices, such as personal computers, digital cameras, tablets and mobile devices. PNY products are now available at major retail outlets, mail order outlets, online retailers, value-added resellers and distribution channels throughout the U.S, Europe and Asia.

Throughout its history, PNY has helped to redefine itself by delivering segmented product lines targeted to specific groups of computer enthusiasts, including the youth market, computer programmers, systems designers, digital animators, engineers, presentation professionals and graphic artists. In tailoring its product lines to these specific consumer groups, PNY has built substantial brand equity, and established meaningful relationships with retailers and consumers alike. The company further supports its dealers and customers with toll-free technical support. As a result, PNY has earned its position among the most respected companies in the industry.

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Key Product Offerings

MEMORY SOLUTIONS: Currently, PNY memory products account for a majority share of all retail sales. PNY memory upgrade modules are compatible with Apple, Compaq, DELL, Gateway, HP, IBM and more than 5000 different types of desktop systems, notebooks, printers and servers. Easy to install and guaranteed 100 percent compatible, PNY is recognized as a single source of supply for quality memory products globally.

GRAPHICS BOARDS: Combining high-speed memory expertise and channel market leadership, PNY's Verto -brand GeForce™ consumer graphics card products currently represent the most comprehensive range of NVIDIA -powered PC graphic cards available in the retail market from a single supplier. With multiple AGP bus (Accelerated Graphic Port) cards and numerous PCI bus (Peripheral Component Interconnect) compatible cards, the Verto line contains an ideal graphic card solution for virtually any application, computer configuration or budget.

NVIDIA QUADRO™ GRAPHICS BOARDS BY PNY are the most powerful, feature-rich family of high -performance boards available to the professional design community. They are designed to maximize productivity and creativity in a 2D/3D workstation environment, providing users with unlimited graphics capabilities and multi-monitor functionality. Technology offered with PNY's wide range of 2D and 3D graphics hardware includes NVIDIA's revolutionary nView™ multi-display technology; advanced Cg programmability empowering a new class of OpenGL® and DirectX® applications for real-time rendering; and quality engineering certified by the entire spectrum of CAD and DCC applications.

FLASH MEDIA: PNY markets a broad line of quality Flash Media products including SecureDigital™ cards, MicroSDTM, MMC PLUSTM, MMC MobileTM and accessories that provide dependable performance for a variety of professional and amateur digital media applications. Compatible with virtually all of today's popular digital cameras, MP3 players, hand-held devices and other consumer electronic products, PNY's Flash Media products are available in a wide range of capacities, and provide quick, easy storage and transfer of large image, music or data files.


An ISO 9001-registered company, PNY is headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey and maintains manufacturing facilities and/or sales offices in North America (Santa Clara, California and Parsippany); Europe and Asia. PNY Technologies Europe is Headquartered in France and has sales offices in United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Benelux, Scandinavia to provide the best local support. Middle East, North Africa, Southern and Eastern Europe are also adressed from various locations. PNY has enjoyed continued growth and success since its inception, expanding its product and service offerings into new channels, and has distinguished itself through a unique ability to deliver superior products and value-added services to all of its customers.


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